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Branding Renewal

We recently reset our brand. After 5 strong years with our amplified capabilities and results, it’s time for the next era of Intertangible. This time, we reset our branding to zero. Shifting our offering into next gear, we reversed our branding. Our designs and definitions are now simplified, and we removed all colors. This is why:

Our Heritage
Intertangible is a spinoff from Moto Japan, an agency serving primarily the automotive industry with business development, engineering, media, and retail services. While Moto Japan was focused on the Mobility market, our clients were diverse. We services clients such as Chinese ride-sharing service, Italian motorcycling apparel and safety brand, Spanish AI company, French blockchain company, Japanese large automotive corporations and startups. Many of our projects were related to the use of AI or fintech solutions in the mobility field. We also organized a number of automotive tech industry events.

Intertangible Inception
Spinning out of Moto Japan happened organically due to our customers demand. We registered under a new name, Intertangible, in April 2019.
With this, we expanded our reach to other industries. We focused more on providing technology services with the help of our offshore/SES partners and a pool of engineers with specific expertise in certain areas. From that time, we have been developing DX solutions for our clients and providing strategic consulting and building teams for utilization of emerging technologies for innovative practical uses.

5 years of Intertangible results
We pride ourselves and enjoy bringing tangible results. We are not a consulting firm. While we help develop ideas, we focus on tangible and impactful results in the shortest time possible: From idea inception until product/project launch and beyond. We find the best talent and partners for our clients. We work hard to assure their goals are met despite often challenging industries. We also only work on projects that require tangible output, not just the theory. Our key business is truly bringing results.

Inter~ all the way
Being interconnected with our international clients and partners (including offshore and SES partners) is our main driver. Inter really stands for Interoperability which for us really means the win-win for all parties involved: Us, our partners, and our clients.

How do you like our new logo?

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