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Our Corporate Culture

At the core of our culture is a dedication to diversity and inclusion, offering incredible opportunities for our team members and partners alike.

We pride ourselves on being a collaborative force, eliminating barriers to create an environment that is not only financially empowering but also easy to navigate and work within.

current openings

We are looking for


We welcome experienced and highly skilled engineers to join our team, contributing their expertise to client projects primarily located in Japan and the US, with a focus on innovative ventures in fintech, SaaS, and AI domains.


We welcome experienced and highly skilled designers who possess a nuanced understanding of design principles tailored to diverse industries and geographies, bringing a sophisticated touch to our projects.

Project Manager

We welcome experienced and highly organized project managers with exceptional time management skills, and a profound understanding of agile workflows and available technologies that can be leveraged to improve project outcomes from all aspects.

Business Developer

We welcome driven business professionals who excel in creating mutually beneficial outcomes for multiple partners at once, demonstrating a track record in pioneering new opportunities for emerging tech companies and first-to-market products.


We enthusiastically welcome bilingual (Japanese/English) interns who are eager to embark on a journey of innovation and growth with us.

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