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Intertangible x Infobip Sling at IDEO Tokyo


Infobip Sling is a collaborative event, orchestrated by Infobip in collaboration with IDEO/D4V and Intertangible, brought together a diverse audience of startups, developers, ecosystem players, and enthusiasts.

Infobip Sling aimed to explore the intricate tapestry of challenges and opportunities in the Japanese startup landscape, offering a platform for interactive discussions, networking, and a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey.

A focal point of the event was the dynamic panel discussion titled “The Japanese Startup Journey,” featuring industry experts such as Ryo Takahashi from D4V, Nikola Pavesic from Infobip, Takatsugu Kobayashi from datag Inc., and, notably, Una Softic from Intertangible. This engaging discussion explored the intricacies of the Japanese startup ecosystem, addressing challenges unique to the market. The topics ranged from achieving product-market fit to navigating hiring processes and delivering compelling investor pitches.

Left to right Una Softic (Intertangible), Ryo Takahashi (D4V), Nikola Pavesic (Infobip) and Takatsugu Kobayashi (Datag).

The heart of the event lay in the exploration of the startup journey, a rollercoaster ride fraught with challenges and opportunities. The panel discussion illuminated how startups and companies that collaborate with them, including Intertangible, navigate the complexities of finding product-market fit, building the right team, attracting investors, and enduring the inevitable highs and lows that characterize the entrepreneurial path.

Our involvement in the Infobip Sling event not only showcased Intertangible’s commitment to innovation within the startup landscape but also positioned the company as a key contributor to the ongoing narrative shaping the Japanese startup ecosystem. The event, with its emphasis on dialogue, networking, and shared experiences, undoubtedly contributed to the collective growth and advancement of the startup community in Tokyo.