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Intertangible at Mizuho KPMG Innovation Field 2024

Mizuho Securities KPMG Innovation Field 2024 Speaker Una Softic Intertangible

We will participate in the Mizuho KPMG Innovation Field 2024, set to take place on February 16th at Roppongi Academy Hills.

This collaborative conference, presented by Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. and Azusa Audit Corporation, marks its 8th edition, consistently delivering timely and relevant content tailored to the prevailing trends.

Since its inception in the early 2010s, marked by the explosive proliferation of IT devices such as smartphones and the emergence of giant IT corporations, the world has undergone rapid transformations. In just a decade, advancements in AI technologies, including generative AI, are poised to bring further changes to our lives. The global pandemic and crises like conflicts have prompted a renewed focus on values such as sustainability and well-being. As we stand at the intersection of technological breakthroughs and societal challenges, Innovation Field 2024 is poised to explore the direction in which the world is heading. 

Under the thematic pillars of “Next Big Thing,” “Deep Tech,” and “Startup Ecosystem,” the conference will feature prominent speakers at the forefront of their respective fields. Our Managing Director, Una Softic, will join the panel on the startup ecosystem as a distinguished speaker. The objective is to delve deep into each theme, fostering open innovation ideas and sharing insights on addressing challenges and realizing a sustainable society.

Since its inception, Innovation Field has placed a significant emphasis on fostering synergy born within the event venue. The conference aims to expand networks among attendees from various sectors, providing a platform for the birth of new innovations and businesses. We invite you to anticipate a convergence of groundbreaking ideas and collaborative opportunities at Mizuho KPMG Innovation Field 2024. Stay tuned for an enriching exchange of insights and the exploration of pathways to a more sustainable and innovative future.

View full event program here: if2024