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Intertangible at IBM’s Cloud & AI Summit 2020


At Intertangible, we contributed to the Cloud & AI Summit by IBM, an event that brought together leading minds to explore the convergence of cloud platforms and data-driven AI, addressing the evolving needs of businesses in a post-pandemic era.

Navigating the Transformation Landscape

The adoption of next-gen business models, harmonizing with cloud infrastructure, is essential for organizations seeking agility and adaptability in the wake of global changes. The Cloud & AI Summit paved the way for businesses to reimagine client experiences, pivot swiftly, and redefine industry norms.

Session: Journey to AI

Our Board Member Una Softic joined as a speaker for a number of sessions, including a roundtable discussion titled “Journey to AI.” This discourse delved into the crux of making Data & AI a driving force for business and IT processes. With a focus on business leaders, IT managers, and end-users, illuminating benefits of AI as a transformative tool, discussions were diving deep into the usage and strategic placement of data and the power of converting data into informed decisions at an accelerated pace.

Elwin Bilkert, Una Softic, Hillery Hunter Featured at IBM Cloud & AI Summit

Shaping the Technological Landscape

Intertangible’s participation at IBM’s Cloud & AI Summit 2020 signifies our dedication to driving technological progress. Our presence on the stage exemplified our commitment to innovation, knowledge-sharing, and harnessing the potential of cloud and AI. As we stand on the cusp of transformation, our collaboration with IBM and fellow industry leaders propels us toward a future where cloud, data, and AI converge to reshape industries and elevate human experiences.

The Cloud & AI Summit 2020 was a testament to the evolving technological landscape and the potential it holds for businesses worldwide. Intertangible’s engagement in this event underscores our role as pioneers in shaping this landscape, leveraging innovation to drive meaningful change. With our insightful contributions, we look ahead to a future where cloud, data, and AI harmoniously converge, driving unparalleled growth, adaptation, and transformation.