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Cultivating innovation in agriculture with AI at AG/SUM


In the fertile fields of agriculture, technology’s embrace is sowing the seeds of innovation. We had the honor of being a part of the prestigious AG/SUM Agritech Summit in Tokyo, Our Board Member Una Softic took the stage as a speaker, engaging in thought-provoking discussions that explored the convergence of agriculture and artificial intelligence.

AgriAI: Pioneering Agriculture’s Technological Transformation

The fireside chat’s topic, “AgriAI: Feeding the Algorithms to Feed Humanity,” encapsulated the essence of our company’s commitment to revolutionizing industries through AI. Joined by esteemed panelists including Valeria Pesce from GODAN, Jeffrey Law from Autogrow, Ranveer Chandra from Microsoft Research, Una Softic embarked on an exploration of AgriAI’s transformative potential.

Navigating the Complexity of Agriculture with AI

The fireside chat delved into the complexities that define agriculture—the ever-changing conditions, unpredictable weather, shifts in soil quality, and the constant threat of pests and diseases. Our speakers ventured into uncharted territories where AI and machine learning intersect with agriculture, offering innovative solutions that transcend borders and scale. The discussion unraveled the potential of AI to revolutionize critical global markets, transforming ways we feed humanity.

Addressing Challenges through Collaboration and Innovation

While the challenges in agriculture are diverse and formidable, the panelists highlighted the vital role of collaboration and innovation. AgriAI holds the promise of creating more resilient, efficient, and sustainable farming practices. By embracing technologies that tackle issues such as resource optimization, pest management, and climate adaptation, we are poised to chart a path toward a more food-secure future.