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Sharing XR insights for KPMG report


In the era of rapid technological advancement, the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are blurring, giving rise to transformative concepts like the metaverse. We contributed our insights to KPMG’s report titled “Forecasting the Future of XR and the Metaverse.” This comprehensive report delves into the impact of extended reality (XR) and the metaverse on businesses and the world at large. In this blog post, we’ll delve into our participation in the report and shed light on the fascinating world of XR and the metaverse.

Unveiling the Future of XR and the Metaverse

KPMG’s report delves into the heart of emerging technologies, exploring how extended reality (XR) and the metaverse are poised to reshape our reality and business landscape. XR encompasses the full spectrum of real and virtual environments, along with human-machine interactions fostered by computer technology and wearables. The ‘X’ in XR stands as a variable for the diverse spatial computing technologies, including virtual, augmented, and mixed realities, while ‘R’ symbolizes the interconnected realm of possibilities among them.

Our insights were sought after by KPMG’s report, adding a layer of expertise and vision to the discourse. The interview showcases our company’s deep understanding of XR and the metaverse, highlighting how these technologies are poised to redefine industries, customer experiences, and human interaction. The report gives readers a glimpse into our perspective on the implications, opportunities, and challenges that come with this technological revolution.

Navigating the Landscape of Possibilities

Our contribution for the KPMG XR report

The KPMG report serves as a valuable resource for companies seeking to understand and harness XR-related opportunities. It offers practical guidance on the implications of XR and initiates vital conversations about the capabilities within the XR space. With the help of experts like our Board Member Una Softic, the report paints a comprehensive picture of how XR and the metaverse will impact industries, drive innovation, and usher in new ways of engaging with the world.

For those seeking to delve deeper into the realms of XR and the metaverse, KPMG’s comprehensive report is a treasure trove of insights. The report examines the technological, business, and societal implications of these emerging technologies, offering readers a glimpse into the future of human-machine interaction and the evolving digital landscape.

Access the full report here: Forecasting the Future of XR and the Metaverse

Conclusion: Pioneering the Future Together

We extend our gratitude to KPMG for featuring Intertangible in their insightful report on XR and the metaverse. As we navigate the exciting frontier of extended reality, we are committed to shaping a future that seamlessly blends the physical and virtual worlds. Together with industry leaders, visionaries, and technological experts, we are charting a course toward a world where XR and the metaverse drive innovation, redefine business strategies, and create transformative experiences for all.