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Riding new markets with Dainese

Intertangible Moto Collab

From our humble beginnings in automotive industry, we recently embarked on a journey with the renowned Italian Motorcycle Apparel Brand, Dainese, as they entrusted us to represent and promote their esteemed rider style & safety brand in Japan and navigate go-to-market for their upcoming collections. Our collaboration was a symphony of creativity, strategy, and innovation that culminated in elevated brand awareness, and credibility.


Dainese, a global trailblazer in motorcycle apparel, is synonymous with quality, innovation, and cutting-edge design. The meticulously tailored collections exude the essence of Italian craftsmanship while embracing modern trends. On the other hand, their safety features are a testament to both safety and style—a combination that resonates deeply with motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.


Our journey with Dainese began by designing a comprehensive strategy tailored to their unique needs. We recognized that a cohesive approach was essential to elevate brand presence across diverse channels. Through captivating visuals and compelling narratives, we brought the Dainese apparel and AGV Legends helmets stories to life. Our content resonated with the brand’s essence, captivating and inspiring motorcycle enthusiasts.


Our cofounders, avid motorcycle riders themselves, we were honored to embrace Dainese on their professional and personal motorcycling style journeys. 

Intertangible co-founders & motorcycle riders Kazuto Yakuwa Una Softic
The start of this international partnership with Italan brand Dainese was commemorated in front of our Asakusa garage by the Slovenian photographer based in Shanghai, Matjaz Tancic, also an avid motorcycle rider.


A testament to the power of collaboration, where the fusion of design, safety, and storytelling propelling motorcycling to new heights.

Intertangible CEO Kazuto Yakuwa with his Suzuki Hayabusa
Intertangible CEO Kazuto Yakuwa with his Suzuki Hayabusa.