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Collaboration fuels progress and drives innovation. Our company, Intertangible, recently played a pivotal role in gathering experts and contributing to the discussions at the Generative AI Consortium Meeting held on July 14th at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo. Collaborating closely with Nikkei and Andrew Ng’s AI Fund, we facilitated an engaging event that explored the possibilities, rules, and transformative potential of rapidly evolving generative AI technologies. In this blog post, we shed light on our role and the event’s highlights.

A Collaborative Initiative: Generative AI Consortium

The Generative AI Consortium, initiated by Nikkei, serves as a dynamic platform where experts and stakeholders converge to discuss the burgeoning landscape of generative AI. This initiative seeks to unravel the rules and potential of generative AI, exploring its applications, methods, and regulations. With a distinguished advisory team including Yutaka Matsuo from the University of Tokyo and Hiroyuki Sanbe, the Consortium brings together members from diverse sectors, including service creators, platformers, engineers, experts, and government representatives—all dedicated to harnessing AI’s potential.

Intertangible’s Role in Facilitating Dialogue

Intertangible, a catalyst for innovation, worked tirelessly to gather experts and shape the agenda for the Generative AI Consortium Meeting. Our collaboration with Nikkei and Andrew Ng’s AI Fund ensured a diverse range of perspectives, expertise, and insights were represented. The agenda for the event was thoughtfully curated to encompass a holistic exploration of generative AI’s impact, offering attendees a comprehensive overview of the technology’s transformative capabilities.

Agenda Highlights and Insightful Sessions

The Generative AI Consortium Meeting featured a dynamic agenda that enriched attendees’ understanding:

  • Opening and Self-Introductions: Advisors Yutaka Matsuo and Hiroyuki Sanbe extended greetings and experts introduced themselves, setting the tone for collaborative discussions.
  • Keynote by Dr. Andrew Ng: The event gained unparalleled insights from a keynote speech by the esteemed Dr. Andrew Ng, enriching participants’ knowledge of generative AI’s frontiers.
  • Fireside Chat: Dr. Ng engaged in a fireside chat with Dr. Yutaka Matsuo, exploring critical topics for 40 enlightening minutes.
  • Q&A Session: An interactive Q&A session allowed attendees to delve deeper into the themes discussed.
  • Perspectives from Government: Yoichi Iida, Director of International Research and Policy Coordination, shared insights on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.
  • Knowledge Exchange and Closure: The event concluded with a rich lunch and closing remarks.

Championing Innovation and Knowledge Exchange

At Intertangible, we believe in fostering innovation through collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our involvement in the Generative AI Consortium Meeting underscores our commitment to driving technological advancement and shaping AI’s future trajectory. We are immensely proud to have contributed to an event that examines the transformative possibilities of generative AI, while addressing risks and advocating for informed rulemaking.

As the Generative AI Consortium continues its journey, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovative solutions that reshape industries, elevate experiences, and usher in a new era of technological excellence. Our collaboration with Nikkei and Andrew Ng’s AI Fund signifies a shared commitment to embracing the future through the lens of generative AI’s boundless potential.

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