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Intertangible at REG/SUM Financial Regulation Summit


In April, Intertangible participated in the REG/SUM Financial Regulation Summit in Tokyo, a global event showcasing the transformative potential of RegTech solutions such as AI, blockchain, and biometrics. Our Board Member Una Softic spoke on a panel titled “All You Need Is AI: Between Technology and Regulation,” alongside industry experts Clara Durodie from Cognitive Finance, Mikihiro Yasuda from Hike Ventures, and David Malkin from Cogent Labs.

Una Softic – Intertangible, Clara Durodie – Cognitive Finance, Mikihiro Yasuda – Hike Ventures, David Malkin – Cogent Labs at REGSUM

The discussion focused on AI’s applications in enhancing security, efficiency, and performance in financial services, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that considers both technological advancement and responsible regulatory oversight. The event highlighted the convergence of technology and regulation, shaping the future of financial compliance.